Dr. Cathryn M. Flanagan   Naturopathic Physician

Natural Family Health Care 12 Spencer Plain Rd, Old Saybrook, CT  860/399-1212

Patient Visits

The first office visit is scheduled as a full hour with the doctor.  In this time, patient complaints are reviewed, as well as reviewing the Health Intake Form, which is a comprehensive review of systems, past medical history, family history, diet and lifestyle habits.  Physical exam is done as is appropriate for that visit. 
Please bring along any relevant test results that you may have, including blood work, or imaging tests, etc.
It is also helpful to bring in supplements or medications that you may have questions about.

As Naturopathic Medicine is based on treating the whole person, physical, mental, emotional, and perhaps even spiritual health are all important to Dr. Flanagan.  Her goal is to understand the cause of a person's illness, which may be very straightforward, or may be a symptom of a deeper underlying imbalance.  Many complaints are the result of chronic stress, or environmental influences that take a toll, year after year.  Biochemical individuality may make one person more sensitive to factors that another may seem to tolerate.

Naturopathic medicine includes using not only vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional substances, but also homeopathic medicines that are very gentle, yet profoundly effective in stimulating the body's own healing powers.
Some can help the body to discharge toxins and metabolic wastes that can accumulate in tissues and create dysfunctions.  Others can work on the emotional level, and help to reduce stress by supporting a shift in how one sees themselves in relationship to the world. Treatment protocols are designed to help a patient be successful in attaining a healthy state of being.  It is important to meet a patient where they are, and guide them to a better place without overwhelming them with too much all at once. Patients are asked to participate in this process, as they really are the "Quarterback" of the team - the ball is in their hands on a daily basis.

Follow up visits are generally a half hour, to allow a review of previous recommendations, and complaints, as well as addressing anything not addressed at the first visit.  Well visit exams can also be scheduled.

Family Practice is a very rewarding expression of Naturopathic medicine, as changes made for one family member can have beneficial effects on other family members.  As Dr. Flanagan has been in practice since 1992, she is now seeing another generation of families living their lives with Naturopathy as their primary practice. The ripple effect of this influence is what contributes to a change in the medical paradigm, based on patient requests from their health care providers, and patient participation in their own health maintenance.

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