Dr. Cathryn M. Flanagan   Naturopathic Physician

Natural Family Health Care 12 Spencer Plain Rd, Old Saybrook, CT  860/399-1212
Dr. Flanagan provides family health care in a home-style environment. Licensed and Board certified, she is a provider with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut, HealthyCT, Connecticare, Cigna, some Aetna plans.
 Clinical nutrition, vitamins and minerals, herbal and homeopathic preparations, and acupuncture are the "tools"
 Dr. Flanagan uses.
Naturopathic medicine is a holistic style of practice, with focus on identifying the cause of illness, or disease.
This could be physical, mental, or emotional, enviromental toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, food and airborne allergies, hormonal imbalance, and response to stress. Time is spent with the patient to understand the dynamics of patient complaints, and to create a successful treatment plan.
 A thorough review of history and systems, as well as appropriate lab testing, may be utilized to confirm a diagnosis and to direct treatment.  Physical exams, women's annual exams - including PAPs, are also routinely done.
Prescription medications are not available through Dr. Flanagan.  She will work with patients to provide safe use of  natural supports in addition to (or as alternatives to these medications) to allow for minimum effective dosages.
Dr. Flanagan has been a Naturopathic Physician since 1992, and continues to be active with post graduate educational classes. She is a committed participant with Middlesex Hospital's Integrated Medicine Case Conference which supports clinical education of new resident doctors interested in learning the holistic approach to health care.

Common complaints treated include stress management, sinus infections, allergies, asthma, digestive complaints including heartburn or reflux, irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea, hormonal problems like PMS, irregular or painful periods, menopausal complaints, headaches, muscle and joint pain, hypogylcemia, adrenal dysfunction, and fatigue for a variety of reasons. 
Optimal immune function - for complaints like frequent infections, and chronic illness such as Lyme's Disease can also be addressed in a safe and effective way, allowing for integrated management options.
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